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NGOs, Erased, Intellectuals-Ljubljana, Slovenia-Martch 22, 2010

2010, Erased, Intellectuals, National Consultation, NGO's, Slovenia

National Consultation with Slovenian Civil-society Stakeholders on the Initiative for RECOM

The second round of consultations with Slovenian civil-society stakeholders was organized by the Peace Institute, with 27 participants and three observers (representatives of the embassies of the Republic of Serbia and the Croatian Ministry of the Interior) attending. Among the participants were members of the Coalition, and participants of the previous regional consultations from Slovenia. The key note speakers were Vlasta Jalusic, Peace Institute, Slovenia, Eugen Jakovcic, Documenta – Center for Dealing with the Past, Croatia, Marijana Toma, a former coordinator of the Working Group for the RECOM Draft Statute, Serbia and Neza Kogovsek Salamon, Peace Institute, Slovenia. Aleksandar Todorovic, Civil Initiative of Erased Activists Slovenia, Fahir Gutic, President the Bosniak Cultural Association of Slovenia and the Alliance of cultural societies of the constituent nationalities of the former Yugoslavia in Slovenia, Mitja Jankovic, the Association of war veterans for Slovenia, Svetlana Slapšak, Institute for Balkan and Mediterranean Studies and Culture, Milan Brglez, Faculty of Social Sciences, and others also spoke at the gathering.
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