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RECOM Initiative included in Enlargement Strategy and European Commission Reports

Enlargement Strategy sets the goals for the coming period and summarizes the candidates’ progress for membership in the European Union. Progress reports represent an appendix to the Enlargement Strategy in which the European Commission bodies assess the extent of progress the countries have made with regard to the process of European integration. Once again, these documents voice support to the Initiative for RECOM as an important element of progress.

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Political Support to RECOM in Serbia

Besides initial support of the President of Serbia, Boris Tadić, and the President of the Liberal Democratic Party, the Initiative for the establishment of theRegional Commission for Establishing Facts About All Victims of Wars 1991-2001 on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia (RECOM) also received support from a number of politicians and political parties in Serbia since the beginning of the signatures collection campaign on April 26.

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Support to Initiative for RECOM in Slovenia

President of the Republic of SloveniaDanilo Türk and the Parliament Speaker Pavel Gantar supported the Initiative for RECOM. The Office of the President stated that the President “especiallywelcomedthe fact that the Initiative came from the civil society and believed that the Commission, as a civil society organization, can contribute to fact-finding and the reconciliation process”.

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