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US Ambassador to BiH Met With Representatives of RECOM Coalition


Sarajevo, May 11th, 2012

On May 11th, the US Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, His Excellency Mr. Patrick S. Moon, had a meeting on with representatives of the RECOM Coalition in BiH, including public advocates  of RECOM (Regional Commission for Establishing Facts About War Crimes and Other Serious Human Rights Violations Committed on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia in the Period 1991-2001) Zdravko Grebo and Dino Mustafić, Dženana Karup- Druško, and Edina Đurković. The members of the delegation presented the main objective of the Regional Commission and its primary function, which is to establish the facts about human sufferings in the recent wars waged on the territory of the region and the creation of public space for announcing all victims in the region. A topic of the discussion was also the current transfer of the RECOM Initiative from the sphere of civil society to the political level.

Ambassador Partick S. Moon expressed his clear support for the establishing of RECOM, underlining how impressed he was with the objectives, inclusiveness, and interim achievements of the RECOM Coalition, and especially the fact that RECOM has a task to clarify the fates of all victims in the region, regardless of their ethnicity. He highlighted that the idea for the establishing of RECOM is compliant with the reconciliation policy supported by the United States of America.

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