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Post-war Memorialisation and Dealing with the Past in the Republic of Kosovo – publication

In post-conflict societies transitional justice measures are an essential part of processes of state building and democratization. Academic discussion increasingly focuses on the role of transitional justice in peacebuilding. However the belief that transitional justice measures can aid these processes has been subject to much debate and criticism. It is now widely considered that in order for transitional justice to play a significant role in the development of post-conflict contexts it must assume a holistic approach. This includes a focus on measures that reach beyond the traditional, top-down, legalistic approach to justice, to measures that are more restorative and engage the wider community, as well as measures that address longstanding issues of social injustice. A holistic understanding allows for the consideration of a wider range of measures that may contribute to the realization of the goals of transitional justice. Memorialisation is one example that can assist processes of transitional justice, yet it is often overlooked.

This is an insert from a publication of the Centre for Research, Documentation and Publication (CRDP) from Kosovo. Author of Post-war Memorialisation and Dealing with the Past in the Republic of Kosovo (September 2015) is Jude Sweeney, (under the supervision of Nora Ahmetaj).  Publication is a draft of the research that will be continued.

Post-war_Memorialisation_and_Dealing_with_the_Past_in_the_Republic_of_Kosovo (Full publication in PDF file)




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