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Associations of Victims-Belgrade, Serbia-July 15, 2008

2008, Association of Victims, National Consultation, Serbia

National Consultation with Associations of Victims on The Initiative for RECOM


This consultation was organized by the Humanitarian Law Center (Serbia). The consultation represented the first preparatory meeting with associations of victims in Belgrade on which occasion the Admission Statement for joining the Coalition for the creation of the Regional Commission for Establishing the Facts about War Crimes (RECOM) was presented to participants. The Admission Statement will be the basis for the consultation process in the future. The participants were also shown a video recording of consultations held in Podgorica on May 9, 2008 during which the initiative to create RECOM became official. The consultations in Belgrade were attended by 16 representatives of associations of victims and five monitors. Nataša Kandić (Humanitarian Law Center, Serbia) and Lidija Škaro (International Commission for Missing Persons, BiH) opened the consultations.

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