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Veterans, Detention Camp Inmates-Novi Travnik, BiH-June 6, 2009

2009, BiH, detention camp inmates, local consultation, Veterans

Local Consultation with Associations of Prisoners Of War, Concentration Camp Prisoners, Combatants, and Fallen Fighters on The Initiative for RECOM


The consultation was organized by the Citizens’ Forum of Tuzla (BiH) and attended by 24 representatives of associations of concentration camp prisoners, šehid families, families of killed combat- ants, as well as a representative of one association of civil victims of war. On this occasion representatives of Croatian and Bosniak associations of concentration camp prisoners from the local community met for the first time. Vehid Šehić (Citizens’ Forum of Tuzla, BiH), Eugen Jakovčić (Documenta, Croatia) and Bogdan Ivanišević (International Center for Transitional Justice) opened the consultation. Portal announced the event.

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