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NGO’s-Pančevo, Serbia-March 28, 2009

2009, National Consultation, NGO's, Serbia

National Consultation with Civil Society on the Initiative for RECOM

The first consultation with civil society groups in Vojvodina was organized by the Civic Action, Pančevo (Serbia) and was attended by 27 participants, mostly representatives of non-governmental organizations, human rights activists, several journalists, two representatives of the Jewish community in Pančevo, and three representatives of political parties. The consultation was opened by Marijana Toma (Impunity Watch, Serbia), Dinko Gruhonjić (Independent Journalist’s Association of Vojvodina, Serbia), Andrej Nosov (Youth Initiative for Human Rights, Serbia), and Abdullah Ferizi (Forum ZFD, Kosovo). Media who reported on the gathering were Kurir, Libertatea, Pančevac, RTV Pančevo, and Radio Vojvodina.

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