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Religious Communities-Prizren, Kosovo-July 29, 2010

2010, Kosovo, National Consultation, Religious Communities

National consultation with religious communities on the RECOM Initiative


The consultation in Prizren was organized by the Humanitarian Law Center, Kosovo. The gathering was attended by 46 participants – representatives of the Islamic Community, the Catholic Church, the Serbian Orthodox Church, and the Protestant-Evangelical Church. The discussion was moderated by Bekim Blakaj (Humanitarian Law Center, Kosovo), and the introductory speeches were given by Veton Mujaj (Syri i Vizionit, Peć/Pejë, Kosovo), Nataša Kandić (Humanitarian Law Center, Belgrade, Serbia), and Ismail Hasani, religious sociologist from Priština/Prishtinë. At the beginning of the consultation Ruzhdi Rexha, vice president of the Prizren municipality greeted the participants and expressed his support for the RECOM Initiative. Six media outlets reported from the consultation: RTV Besa, TV Prizren, Koha Ditore, TV Kosova, Radio Kosova, and KTV.

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