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Kada Hotic

Kada Hotic from Srebrenica, member of the Mothers of Srebrenica and Zepa, lived with her husband Senad and son Samir in Srebrenica. Both were killed between July 11-17, 1995.
“He never came back, not even today… I got courage, strength to fight and look for the missing, to look for the perpetrators. I got tougher, I cry a little, and then I say again – at least I am not ashamed of anyone. No one in my family was a criminal. In praise of dear Allah, no one. I have my suffering, my tears, my pain. But how does a criminal fall asleep when the images start coming back? I say, that’s harder for him. We received a letter from Vlasenica in which one such man described a similar life, a life that I would never want anyone to have, even the those who killed my child.”

Kada Hotic testified at the Tenth Forum for Transitional Justice.

This testimony is available in Bosnian language.

Svedočenje Kada Hotić


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