RECOM Reconciliation Network

The objective of The Consultative process from its very beginning has been to create a public platform for victims and representatives of civil society to express their needs regarding human rights violations and other types of injustices committed in the past. The other equally important objective has been to strengthen support for accepting a regional truth seeking and truth-telling initiative about war crimes and other serious violations of human rights among both citizens and governments in all countries in the region. In May 2008 the initiative developed into a proposal to establish a regional commission for investigating and disclosing the facts about war crimes and other serious human rights violations committed in the former Yugoslavia. Since then, the consultative process has adopted a third objective: developing a draft statute or model of the regional commission (RECOM).
Consultations are grouped according to four parameters: Regional / national / local consultation, Year when a consultation was held, Country, Group / type of participants (educational community, veterans, families, legal community, etc.). You can browse any of the above parameters by clicking on the tag to the left of the consultations name.
On the Bosnian / Croatian / Serbian / Montenegrin page of the site you can find the available material in full. In other languages the material is in most cases available only in the form of a short description of the event. Review of all events held since the beginning of the RECOM Process is available here.

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