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Proces REKOM: januar – junij 2014

 Tecem za REKOM

(Poročilo je na voljo v BHSC jezikih i v angleškem jeziku)

Since its foundation in July 2013, the Regional Expert Group, made up of the personal envoys of state presidents’ and the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH), became formally operational, “RECOM has succeeded in progressing to becoming an inter-governmental body concerned with the issues of the past.” In this new phase, the envoys to RECOM have the task of preparing a document on the constitutional, legal and political conditions for the establishment of RECOM. In the discharge of their task, they will receive expert and operational assistance from the public advocates for the RECOM Initiative and the Regional Council of the Coalition for RECOM. The Coalition’s Assembly will decide in October at the latest, whether the inter-governmental proposal is compatible with the objectives set out in the RECOM Statute as proposed by the Coalition.

Report on the RECOM Process-January -June 2014