RECOM Reconciliation Network


Signatures collection campaign for RECOM-Report of Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Croatia and Serbia

April 26th – June 30th, 2011


The campaign for the collection of signatures for the establishing of RECOM was carried out by the Institute for Progressive Ideas (Slovenia), PRONI, and the Youth Resource Centre (BiH), The Monitoring Centre – CEMI (Montenegro), Integra (Kosovo), Youth Educational Forum – MOF (Macedonia), Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Croatia, and Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Serbia; the last two organizations coordinated activities of the campaign at the regional level. Two regional coordinators, eight national (at the state level) and 81 local coordinators were directly involved in the organization of the campaign and they coordinated activities of volunteers in the field.

The Campaign lasted from April 26th until June 30th, 2011. By July 5th, 2011 a total of 542,660 signatures of support for the establishing of RECOM were entered in the Campaign Data Base. Hereafter, until governments of the post-Yugoslav countries render a decision on establishing RECOM, the collection of signatures and support shall be carried out online ( and in public events organized by the Coalition for RECOM.


Signatures Collection Campaign Report