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Promoting RECOM through sports activities

Preparations for participating in the half marathons in BH and Croatia and the marathons in Montenegro and Slovenia began in July 2013, with the printing of T-shirts, making of silicone bracelets and printing of posters bearing the words ‘Trčim za REKOM’ (I Run for RECOM) and leaflets about the RECOM Initiative in the BCMS languages and in Slovenian. On 7 and 14 September 2013, TJAR organized two street actions, in which it called on citizens to take part in the ‘I Run for RECOM’ race on 15 September 2013 as part of the 5 km ‘Pleasure Run’. Fifteen Coalition for RECOM activists and about 150 people from BH took part in the ‘I Run for RECOM’ race. T-shirts displaying the ‘RECOM’ acronym were worn by about 170 participants in the Sarajevo half marathon. The director of the Sarajevo race, Erol Mujanović, said that the event had been marked by support for the RECOM Initiative. The action ‘I Run for RECOM’ was organized in Ban Josip Jelačić Square in Zagreb on 21 and 28 September 2013. In the citizens’ race as part of the Zagreb marathon on 13 October 2013, about 100 participants wore T-shirts displaying the words ‘I Run for RECOM’. In Ljubljana and Podgorica, the action ‘I Run for RECOM’ took place as part of the marathon run on 27 October 2013. In Podgorica, T-shirts bearing the message ‘I Run for RECOM’ were worn by secondary school pupils. The next marathons will be run in Belgrade (April 2014) and Pristina and Skopje (May 2014).




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