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Dojnice/Dojnicë, 27.6.1999.

Dojnice, Kosovo War

Before the war the village of Dojnice/Dojnicë was a Serbian village, with around 30 houses, about 5 kilometres from Prizren/Prizren. During the war the mobilised Serbs made sure not to pass through the Albanian village of Skorobište/Skorobishtë, through which the road to Dojnice/Dojnicë passed. Immediately after the war, on 12 June 1999, the Serbs were summoned to a meeting by Ekrem Rexha, a KLA commander born in the neighbouring village of Ljubožda/Lubozhdë. The Serbs who attended the meeting in Skorobište/Skorobishtë were seniors: Jevta Spasić, Božidar Nikolić and Tomislav Radivojević. Ekrem Rexha invited them to stay, promising that no one would bother them, but that they should not stray from the village. On that same day (12 June 1999), at the checkpoint in Skorobište/Skorobishtë, members of the KLA stopped Vlastimir Stavanović and Zoran Stojković, who were headed to Dojnice/Dojnicë, to take food to Vlastimir’s parents. Zoran managed to get away, and Vlastimir, who was found in possession of an automatic rifle, were detained by the members of the KLA, and after that all trace of him was lost. On that same day, the younger Serbs left the village, and members of the KLA searched the houses, seized the weapons that they found, and took Srećko Đekić’s car. Two weeks later, on 25 June 1999, Bogdan Stojković came to village from Prizren/Prizren, to be with his sister Natalija. Only older Serbs remained in the village: Trifun Stojković, Natalija Stojković, Draga and her son Srećko Đekić, Jevta and Bosiljka Spasić, Živka and Mirko Stojković, Vasiljka and Božidar Nikolić, Milica and her daughter Slavica Stefanović, Čedomir and Marija Antić, and Momira and Tomislav Radivojević. On the morning of 27 June 1999, Maliq Shasivari came from the neighbouring village of Grnčare/Gërnçar. He was bringing his friend Tomislav Radivojević his pension, and after that he was going to visit his sister Marlisa, who lived in the village of Skorobište/Skorobishtë. At around 07:00h Božidar Nikolić went to mow the grass in a meadow about 1 km from the village. At the same time Mirko Stojković was tedding hay in his meadow. At around 09:00h they heard bursts of gunfire and flames and smoke coming from the houses. Around 15:00h the shooting stopped, and Mirko headed back to the village. Along the way he met Srećko Đekić, who had been grazing cattle in the forest, about 150 metres from the last house in the village. Srećko said that he had seen members of the KLA taking away Serbs in a trailer pulled by a tractor, in the direction of Skorobište/Skorobishtë. They went to the village together and found it was deserted. All the residents had been taken and all the houses had been torched. They spent the night in a hay barn behind Mirko’s house. Božidar Nikolić went from the meadow to Prizren/Prizren and returned with a KFOR patrol on the morning of 28 June 1999. The members of KFOR searched the surroundings of the village, but they did not find anyone. The KFOR patrol transported Mirko, Srećko and Božidar to the Orthodox Seminary in Prizren. Maliq’s wife and son learned from his sister that he had not been to see her, and at the KLA headquarters in Skorobište/Skorobishtë they were told that they had no information about Maliq. Later, a resident told them that he had seen Maliq in a discussion with uniformed and armed persons, by the transformer station in the village of Dojnice/Dojnicë. Srećko Đekić returned to Dojnice/Dojnicë on 30 June 1999, at the invitation of a friend who guaranteed his safety. At night he slept in the house belonging to his friend in Skorobište/Skorobishtë, and he spent the day in his house in Dojnice/Dojnicë. He was killed on 5 July 1999. Srećko’s friend buried him in his yard, from where his mortal remains were exhumed several years later and moved to Serbia. The events in the village of Dojnice/Dojnicë were investigated by the UN Office on Missing Persons and Forensics (OMPF). A witness told the team that the Serbs were abducted and killed on 27 June 1999, and that their bodies were dumped in a nearby stream, between Dojnice/Dojnicë and Skorobište/Skorobishtë. The witness saw the bodies two days later, dumped at three locations near the bank of the stream. The bodies remained unburied. As the end of June 2021, A search of the terrain along the stream has not been carried out. On the other hand, the families of the missing persons have heard from residents of Skorobište/Skorobishtë that the Serbs were set on fire in a barn near the primary school in the village, and that the mortal remains were buried in a grave in the village of Koriša/Korishë. They heard that one Ramiz, aka Marko, from Skorobište/Skorobishtë, was responsible for the murders of the Serbs.



Trifun Stojković, Bogdan Stojković, Natalija Stojković, Draga Đekić, Jevta Spasić, Bosiljka Spasić, Živka Stojković, Vasiljka Nikolić, Milica Stefanović, Slavica Stefanović, Čedomir Antić, Marija Antić, Momira Radivojević, Tomislav Radivojević, Maliq Shasivari, Vlastimir Stevanović


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