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Intellectuals-Banja Luka, BiH-September 4, 2010

2010, BiH, Intellectuals, Regional consultation

Regional Consultation with Intellectuals on the Initiative for RECOM

A regional consultation with intellectuals was organized by the BH Journalists Association and the Center for Legal and Informational Assistan- ce from Zvornik. The consultation was attended by a total of 42 participants and guests. Lazar Stojanović from the Humanitarian Law Center, Serbia, moderated the discussion. The consulta- tion was reported on by various media outlets in the country, including BH TV, Nezavisne Novine, ONASA, and BHRT – HT 1. A debate which was aired on ATV was held prior to the consultation and featured the participant guests Arsim Gerxha- liu (Kosovo), Slavko Kukić, Ismet Sejfija, Mladen Mirosavljević, and Srđan Puhalo (BiH), Žarko Puhovski (Croatia), and Želimir Žilnik and Lazar Stojanović (Serbia).


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