RECOM Reconciliation Network


Consultation Process on the RECOM Initiative: July – December 2009

The opinions, suggestions and recommendations

Since May 2006, when the Initiative for the creation of RECOM was first launched in Montenegro at a gathering with victims’ associations and associations of the families of the missing from all post-Yugoslav states, there have been 79 debates organized at the regional, national, and local community level including five regional forums on transitional justice. These debates, or consultations, were attended by 3,471 individual from various victims’ associations and associations of the families of the missing, human rights organizations, youth organizations, women’s groups, associations of journalists, veterans’ associations, academic communities, legal community, local self-government and other groups and organizations. In the period from May to December 2009 there have been 43 debates attended by 1,706 individuals.

Analysis of opinions July – December 2009.

Overview of all opinions July – December 2009.

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