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Svilanović calls for the establishment of RECOM, and the Serbian Prime Minister gives his backing

During a conversation between the Albanian and Serbian Prime Ministers Edi Rama and Aleksandar Vučić, hosted by “Okruženje” (“the Environment”), Goran Svilanović, the Secretary-General of the Regional Cooperation Council, reminded us that the number of the people who died during the wars in the former Yugoslavia is still unknown, and called on both Prime Ministers to back the establishment of RECOM.

“I call on both Prime Ministers, along with everyone else, to back the establishment of RECOM – a coalition endeavouring to establish the first and last names of all the people who lost their lives”, said Svilanović. Prime Minister Vučić replied that he had already given his backing for the establishment of a regional commission, for which Svilanović then thanked him.

The meeting between Rama and Vučić took place on the peripheries of the Regional Leaders’ Summit, held on August 27th and 28th in Vienna.

Video clip (in BCS):


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