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Skopje Run for REKOM – successful participation at the Skopje Marathon 2014.

Sports should unite people regardless of their political, civil, religious and ethnic background. This was the motto of the people who ran the Run for RECOM at the Skopje Marathon 2014, May 11th.

Many of the black RECOM T-shirts were noticed in the crowd of 6000 participants in the Skopje Marathon 2014 today. More than 60 young persons, one Member of Parliament, and representatives of different sport associations ran for RECOM wearing RECOM T-shirts and bracelets.

The RECOM runners were also a source of attraction for some of the photographers, who were trying to document the people who ran under this motto. Prior to the race, the RECOM activists took part in the warming-up activities taking place in the Center of Skopje.

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