DOKUFEST and RECOM Debate: Dealing with the Past


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Dokufest, jointly with the Coalition for RECOM invites you to participate in the debate about the regional reconciliation on Wednesday, August 10th, at 17:00.

Following the armed conflicts that occurred between 1991-2000 in which all of the former Yugoslavian countries took part, the societies of these countries had not made progress on the reconciliation process. The reconciliation process leads us to many open questions related to the topic, which will be discussed during this debate.

What does the reconciliation process in the region mean? What is the contribution of regional politicians in this process? What is the EU’s role in the reconciliation process in the region? What the institutional reconciliation is and how should it function? How should the legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia be used, in order to start the process of reconciliation? Does the civil society have the potential to reveal the foundations of the process of reconciliation? Does RECOM bring to the solution of some problems regarding the reconciliation process and what is its potential?

These questions will be discussed by Zarko Puhovski, Natasa Kandic, Shkelzen Maliqi and Petar Miletic.