The Petition For RECOM

The RECOM Coalition advocates for the establishment a regional commission to establish the facts about the war crimes and other gross human rights violations perpetrated in connection with the wars of the nineties from January 1st, 1991, until December 31st, 2001 – RECOM.  We call on all the heads of the successor states to the former SFRJ to sign a formal agreement to establish RECOM at the very next Western Balkans Leaders’ Summit, to be hosted as part of the Berlin Process.

The Commission’s main tasks are to name all the victims, both civilian and military, to establish the circumstances of their deaths or disappearances, and to create a registry of all wartime detention sites and prison camps.  As of March 2017, the Petition for RECOM’s establishment has been signed by 580,000 citizens from all post-Yugoslav countries.

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