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Основање на РЕКОМ

Измени на Статутот РЕКОМ Изменет и дополнет Статут на Коалицијата за РЕКОМ Pегионален совет ЕП ја поттикнува српската влада да преземе иницијатива за основање на РЕКОМ Меѓународна поддршка Резолуција на Европскиот парламент за Србија
RECOM Roadmap Резиме на политиката: Како Европската унија може да придонесе за помирувањето на постјугословенските земји Консултативен процес: мај 2006 – февруари 2011 !Глас на Иницијативата за РЕКОМ

Човечки загуби, логори и други објекти на заточеништво

Human Losses Suffered by Serbia and Montenegro (SRJ)
Documenting Human Losses in Croatia during the War 1991 – 1995
The Kosovo Memory Book
Documenting camps and other detention center in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Транзициска правда и помирување

A lecture by Eduardo Gonzales Guatelaman Experience in Dealing with the Past Model law on the rights of civilian victims Educating about transitional justice in Kosovo [policy paper] Post-war Memorialisation and Dealing with the Past in the Republic of Kosovo – publication Collection of Texts: Transitional Justice And Reconciliation In Post-Yugoslav Countries Publication :: Forum for Transitional Justice Collection of Texts: Transitional Justice And Reconciliation In Post-Yugoslav Countries
Tранзициската правда во постјугословенските земји 2010-20111 Transitional Justice in Post-Yugoslav Countries 2007 Transitional Justice in Post-Yugoslav Countries 2006 Transitional justice report 1999-2005
Unofficial Truth Projects A Comparative Study on the Impact of Truth Commissions Is Unconditional Forgiveness Ever Good? [Paper] Political Reconciliation: With or Without Grand Narratives? [Paper] Seeking Justice in a Divided Region: Text Analysis of Regional Civil Society Deliberations in the Balkans The psychological cost of reconciliation EU Approaches to Justice in Conflict and Transition Education and Transitional Justice: Opportunities and Challenges for Peacebuilding [report] The EU’s Policy Framework on support to transitional justice A Study of Victim Participants at the International Criminal Court Reconciliation, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy The Berlin Report of the Human Security Study Group Commemorating Srebrenica The memorialization of Srđan Aleksić in post-Yugoslav countries