Impunity Watch Urges Region’s Parliaments to Move on RECOM Statute





Following the recent adoption of the RECOM Draft Statute, Impunity Watch urges the parliaments of all Yugoslav successor states to take the necessary steps to bring the proposed regional truth commission to life.

The Draft Statute was adopted by a majority of delegates attending the Fourth Assembly of the Coalition for RECOM (CORECOM,) held in Belgrade on 26 March. This event concluded a series of public discussions on the RECOM Draft Statute, in which thousands of organisations and individuals from throughout the region confirmed their desire for an accurate, comprehensive and victim-centred account of the recent past to be established.

The body proposed demands support from all the region’s states: as the CORECOM has noted, the body must official in all affected countries if its findings are to make a significant difference to the position of victims and prevailing attitudes on the abuses they suffered.

Impunity Watch strongly supports this initiative, recalling that victims of grave human rights abuses have a right to truth, and that dealing with the painful legacy of past conflicts is an essential precondition to progress with European integration, a goal to which all countries in the Western Balkan region aspire.

We therefore call on the parliaments of the region to prioritise consideration of the Draft Statute, and support this unique opportunity to take decisive action against impunity for the human rights abuses of the 1990s.

Impunity Watch promotes accountability for past atrocities in countries emerging from a violent past. We work together with national civil society groups to produce research-based policy advice, monitor levels of impunity and advocate for tailored policy solutions.