Coalition for RECOM on the occasion of the International Day of the Missing

August 30, 2010
The Coalition for RECOM calls upon the public and government institutions of the post-Yugoslav societies to support the creation of RECOM. RECOM is a regional commission tasked with establishing the facts about all war crimes and serious human rights violations committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the period 1991-2001. Finding out the facts about the missing is RECOM’s priority.
According to the most recent data published by the International Red Cross Committee, the fate of 14,790 missing persons is still unclear: in Bosnia and Herzegovina there are 10,512 registered missing persons; in Croatia there 2,436 registered missing persons; and in Kosovo there are 1,842 registered missing persons.
For most people in the post-Yugoslav societies, missing persons are just numbers. Only the missing’s families refer to them by name.
Manipulation for political purposes of the number of missing persons and a lack of efficiency in resolving the issue of missing persons is inhuman to both the victims and to their families. Additionally, the public is damaged by their inability to know the truth.
Government institutions of the states involved in the conflict on the territory of the former Yugoslavia should act jointly and authoritatively in order to resolve the fate of these missing persons, to find the locations of mass or individual graves, to punish those responsible, and to provide proper restitution for the families of the victims.