Victims’ Voice

The victims of the wars in the former Yugoslavia are not numbers – they are  people, with their first and last names, their lives and their fates.

Those who survived have testified at the Hague Tribunal about the crimes committed. The Coalition for RECOM presents 100 video recordings of their statements.

One of the excerpts from the video recordings is Agron Berisha’s story about the killing of 49 members of the Berisha family in Suva Reka on 25 and 26 March 1999. The testimony of Saranda Bogujevci is also among those presented. In March 1999, at the age of 14, she survived the murder of eight members of her immediate family and six members of the Duriqi family. Also presented is the testimony of Nermin Karagić, who, as a seventeen-year-old, survived the massacre in Ljubija in 1992, in which his father was killed. And the witness Milica Đurić, a Croatian citizen of Serb ethnicity, talks about the events of 6 August, 1995 in the Krajina village of Đurići in the Plavno Valley, when her husband was burned alive.