Justice and Reconciliation

The Seventh Regional Forum for Transitional Justice: There Can Be No Reconciliation without the Voice of the Victims

The Seventh Regional Forum for Transitional Justice ended with the conclusion of participants that the activity of the future regional commission must be based in three core principles: the ability of victims to voluntarily approach, the mandatory cooperation of states, and the independence of body of RECMO- the Regional Commission for Establishing the Facts about War Crimes Committed on the Territory of the former Yugoslavia.
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Coalition for RECOM on the occasion of the International Day of the Missing

The Coalition for RECOM calls upon the public and government institutions of the post-Yugoslav societies to support the creation of RECOM. RECOM is a regional commission tasked with establishing the facts about all war crimes and serious human rights violations committed on the territory of the former Yugoslavia in the period 1991-2001. Finding out the facts about the missing is RECOM’s priority.

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