Largest regional campaign “Million Signatures for RECOM“ to be launched



The action of “regional defrosting” will be organized on Tuesday April 26 at 11,55 at the Republic Square in Belgrade, as well as in Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Banjaluka, Priština, Skoplje, and Podgorica, thus launching the largest regional campaign so far, during which, a million signatures of support for RECOM, the Regional Commission for Establishing Facts About War Crimes and Other Serious Human Rights Violations Committed on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia in the Period 1991-2001, will be collected.

More than 500 volunteers shall participate in the simultaneous action organized in eight cities in the region, while thousands of young people will lead the signature collection campaign, which will be coordinated by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, and which will last in all successor countries of the former Yugoslavia until June 6. The opening of the campaign will be attended by public figures, who will give their signatures of support after the action is over. Signatures will be collected at stands in 30 towns in Serbia, but also in a “door-to-door” campaign.

Ten years after the end of the armed conflicts on the territory of the former Yugoslavia, the list of the killed in the war has not yet been completed in any of the successor states, and more than 15,000 persons are still registered as missing. Victims have been marginalized, their voices are rarely heard in public, and there is a great dealof political manipulation with the number of the killed.

These and many other reasons have stimulated more than 1,500 associations and individuals of all nations and religions from the territory of the former Yugoslavia, gathered in the Coalition for RECOM, to advocate for the establishment of an independent inter-state commission as an out-of-court investigative body, tasked to establish and publicly disclose facts about the recent wars. Some of them are associations of victims, missing persons, war veterans, prisoners of war, journalists, minority communities and human rights organizations.

The Commission will organize public hearings of victims and hear their testimonies, thus instigating compassion, respect and solidarity with victims from all ethnic groups. The Commission should create the final report, which should contain the list of the killed and missing, the list of camps, and other detention points.

We hope that all kind people will give their signatures and support the initiative, which can help restore victims’ dignity and the dignity of their families, establish the fate of the missing, and finally, establish the facts about the crimes.