Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it


Regional Conference “Critical Culture of Remembrance – Between Memory, Denial and Oblivion”     A culture of remembrance entails a process which nurtures a sense of the other - in order to recognize their evil, but also to build empathy for them. But there is a different...
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Campaign for Balkan Truth Commission Relaunches


A coalition of NGOs advocating the establishment of the RECOM regional truth commission to...Read more

Bosnian Clerics Pray Together at Wartime Death Sites


Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish religious leaders made a first joint visit to sites where war...Read more

BalkanInsight: Balkan Leaders ‘Backsliding on Post-War Justice’


The process of ensuring justice for the crimes committed during the Yugoslav wars has stalled...Read more

Obstruction and blockade of transitional justice in post-Yugoslav countries


    RECOM Memo     Obstruction and blockade of transitional justice...Read more

Press Conference on March 9: Blockade of Dealing with the Past and of the RECOM Process


Coalition for RECOM Press Conference, 9 March 2017, 11:00 a.m. Media Center, Belgrade Topic:...Read more

Seeking Justice in a Divided Region: Text Analysis of Regional Civil Society Deliberations in the Balkans


By Denisa Kostovicova* ABSTRACT Contemporary conflicts are seldom contained within nation states....Read more

The president must be careful when establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission


By Nora Ahmetaj Hashim Thaci’s second attempt at discovering the truth about the past must be...Read more

Commissioner for human rights (Council of Europe) supports RECOM


"States should support the establishment of effective and independent national or regional...Read more

Hiding in plain sight – Kosovo’s protected witnesses


A new court faces old problems in protecting witnesses to a dark chapter in Kosovo’s fight for...Read more

Montenegro: Suspicions Persist Over War Crimes Probes


Montenegro has been criticised yet again for not making serious efforts to deal with war crimes...Read more