What Is RECOM?

The acronym RECOM stands for the Regional Commission Tasked with Establishing the Facts about All Victims of War Crimes and Other Serious Human Rights Violations Committed on the Territory of the Former Yugoslavia from 1 January 1991 to 31 December 2001.

RECOM is an official, intergovernmental commission to be jointly established by the successors of the former SFRY. As an extra-judicial body, the task of RECOM is to establish the facts about all the war crimes and other serious war-related human rights violations; to list all war-related victims, and to determine the circumstances of their death; to collect data on places of detention, on persons who were unlawfully detained, subjected to torture and inhuman treatment, and to draw up their comprehensive inventory; to collect data on the fate of the missing, as well as to organize public hearings of victims’ testimonies and the testimonies of other persons concerning war-related atrocities. The Regional Commission is to be independent of its founders and funded by donations.

Draft Statute of RECOM


What is the Coalition for RECOM?


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